The Parenting Education Coalition of Yavapai County (PEC) has its roots in a parenting education networking group that was established in Fall 2005. Over time, the core members recognized that a more formal organizational structure would be beneficial and could potentially provide more resources as well as enhance outreach efforts.

In November 2008, the Parenting Education Coalition of Yavapai County was established. Since that time, coalition meetings have been held to unite the new effort, provide strategies for growth, public awareness and community outreach. Several members of the coalition are coordinating efforts in order to apply for funding that will reach more individuals, eliminate duplication of services, and better utilize funds.


The Parenting Education Coalition is funded  in part by

The Governor's Office for Children, Youth and Families and the Arizona Parents Commission, United Way of Yavapai County and

Mission Statement

To increase the quality and availability of, and access to parenting education opportunities which will help to ensure that every child in Yavapai County has the quality parenting necessary for their health, success and safety.